During the wrapping up of my required fields series, I wrote a custom plugin to solve the problem that CDS simply doesn’t solve in a safe way – I’ve open sourced that code if you decide you would also like to use it.

The raw code can be found on github here and the solution can be found here. This guide will assume you have installed the solution and will explain how to set up the steps.

How to configure the solution

  1. Boot up XrmToolBox. If you haven’t heard of XrmToolBox – check it out then track back to me once you’re done!
  2. Get the “Plugin Registration” tool from the library if you don’t already have it and open it – connecting to your org instance at the same time.
Plugin Registration

3. In your list of plugins, somewhere you will see MBeard.CDSSystemRequiredFields listed. Find it and click the “+” icon to expand.
4. Right click on the (Plugin) line and click “Register New Step”

Registering a new plugin step

5. Set the follow pieces of data.

Message: "Create"
Primary Entity: "account" (or whichever entity)
Eventing Pipeline Stage of Execution: "Pre-validation".
An example plugin step

6. Click “Register New Step”. Rinse and repeat for any other entity type.

You’re done – give it a go. Try and save a record with a missing required field and you should see the error message.

All code is open source and I take no responsibilities for any third party solutions you install in your system.


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